Resident Resin Ken-dog aka Kennie is an accomplished photographer, creative executive and all round good guy. He is the one who gets it done with grace and style. 


Killer Kraft Queen Kashka-Rae, Creative Director by day and problem solving graphic illustrator by night. The dreamer and mess maker of the two, she is the aesthetic mastermind behind the brand. 


For the past decade we have worked extensively to develop our style and now we couldn’t be more excited to present to you our latest: Exclusive, limited edition, handcrafted pieces featuring original work that exudes charisma and demands attention. 

Each piece is lovingly crafted and technically executed to be of the highest standard in quality of print and material, oh and they look absolutely gorgeous. Fall in love with them, know they’ll treat you right and they’ll keep things interesting forever. 

This work is layered and multi-disciplinary, ranging from large scale resin pieces through to intricate fine line illustrations.We love shaded texture, moody portraits, smooth colour play and bold statements.Our features say: ‘I know I caught your attention from over there, baby, come stand a little closer if you want to know more, the devil’s in the detail!’

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